SCoR Talk

Issue 168

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Richard Evans

Facing the challenges together

8th National Conference of Radiology Managers

Marie Reynolds

New kids on the block?

Apprenticeships update

Rob Galloway

Sex on the Beach, Chinese take-aways, and what we can learn from them!

“Checklists don’t save lives – changing the culture does.”

Nicole Kennedy

It’s not rocket science – you can do it!

"We spent time on our people and we invested in our people, and it has really worked for us"

Kevin Moore

Whose fault is it anyway?

"Overseas recruitment will not be an option in the future"

Dorothy Keane

Live and e-Learn?

“Through better education, we can help our patients"

Katherine Halliday

In a galaxy far, far away...

“Improved care will benefit patients and staff, as well as save money.”

Panel discussion

What will be required of tomorrow’s radiography practitioners?

”Our responsibility is to drive change, but it is also our responsibility to know why we are doing it"