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Thursday, February 16, 2012, Issue 86

Access to e-Learning for Healthcare programme

The award-winning e-Learning for Healthcare programme Radiotherap-e provides a raft of online materials to support the trained workforce in the delivery of radiotherapy.

The IMRT module provides the core knowledge which underpins the National Radiotherapy Implementation Group’s training programme.

It comprises 16 sessions, divided into three sections – fundamentals, dosimetry and tumour sites – with the emphasis on sharing lessons learned through practical implementation of IMRT.

Specific topics covered target volume definition, planning and delivery techniques and quality assurance.

A variety of interactive exercises and comparisons of techniques have been developed to allow users to understand the complex principles involved in IMRT and to practise practical skills.

The sessions encompass a variety of media including text, images, animations, videos and assessments, as well as customised tools which simulate everyday tasks in the radiotherapy process.

Access is free to all relevant healthcare professionals in the NHS and can be found here

Other modules in the project include image-guided brachytherapy for cervix cancer and advanced radiotherapy techniques.

The Radiotherap-e project is a collaboration between the SoR, the RCR, IPEM and the Department of Health.

Information on all the modules can be found here.

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