Assistant Practitioners

Assistant Practitioners

An assistant practitioner in radiography is pivotal to the delivery of high quality, patient-centred care.

Although they are not registered practitioners they have a high level of skill through their experience and training and will work to a specific scope of practice.

As part of the career pathway, assistant practitioner can be a route to registered radiographer.

The introduction of the role of the assistant practitioner has been widely implemented within departments of clinical imaging and radiotherapy, such that they make a significant contribution to service delivery. Their practice has been recognised through the CoR’s accreditation scheme. New roles for assistant practitioners have been developed, particularly within screening programmes such as the screening technician role within the Abdominal Aorta Aneurysm (AAA) screening programme in England.

The assistant practitioner role is a development that resulted from the modernisation drive within the National Health Service. The introduction of assistant practitioners should be as an adjunct to the development of advanced and consultant roles, such that a clear career progression strategy for all staff is implemented in order to meet service demand. 

For more on the role of assistant practitioners see the document Education and Professional Development: New Directions.

We are currently in the process of updating our accreditation application process. Guidance on completing an application will be made available when the new system goes live. Please keep a check of the website for updates.  

For more information on Assistant practitioner accreditation please click here.

You can also search for accredited practitioners via the Accredited AP register

To apply for accreditation as an assistant practitioner please access CPD Now and start your application via the menu on the right side.

See the Skills for Health document, Assistant Practitioners in the NHS in England.

For currently approved assistant practitioner education provision see the Assistant Practitioner Courses webpage below.

Assistant Practitioner Courses

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