Consultant Practitioner Radiographers

Information covering the four core components of the consultant radiographer role.

The role of a consultant radiographer demands the ability to innovate, motivate and influence local and national agendas. The consultant radiographer group provides an important forum for consultant radiographers to develop and share these traits and to evolve best practice, develop strategies, promote innovations and overcome barriers through discussion and shared knowledge. 

Fundamental to the group are the four elements of the consultant role: 

  • Expert clinical practice
  • Professional leadership & consultancy
  • Education training & development and practice & service development
  • Research & evaluation

These form the focus for the group and are not only the central for discussion but also the basis for educational and training events.

Research is of paramount importance to consultant radiographers who are actively involved in developing practice and promoting research across the profession.

The group is proactive in its education and training role, regularly speaking at national and international conferences and providing articles for publication in a wide range of journals and publications and inherently raising the profile of consultant radiographers.

The chair of the consultant radiographers advisory group will produce an annual report that outlines the activities undertaken by the group.