A wide range of articles evaluating and evidencing the role of the consultant radiographer practitioner are available in Radiography journal and Imaging and Therapy Practice. Access via the SoR website homepage enables access to full articles without the need to enter an additional password.

Examples of work authored by members of our consultant radiographer network include the following references:

Goldfinch, R., Allerton, R., Sheena, K. and Pettit (2016) The impact of the introduction of a palliative Macmillan consultant radiographer at one UK cancer centre. British Journal of Radiology 2016: 89: 20160286

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Milner, R. and Snaith, B. (2017) Are reporting radiographers fulfilling the role of advanced practitioner? Radiography. 23: (2017) 48-54

Roberts, N. (2016) A development framework for the consultant radiographer in oncology: the Leeds experience. Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice doi: 10.1017/S1460396916000042

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