Consultant Radiographer education, development, and training

(Links last checked on 14 May 2020)

Consultant Radiographer education, training, and development should centre upon the  four core components of the consultant radiographer role; a) professional leadership & consultancy, b) education, training & development; c) practice & service development, research, & evaluation; d) expert clinical practice.

Guidance for consultant radiographers  in the form of an education and career framework is provided by the College of Radiographers (2013) and a role evaluation tool.

There are many recently published peer reviewed articles available  by clicking on the link to Radiography journal

Additionally if you work in the NHS, your local NHS Trust library will verify a username and password for you to access Open Athens journals. There is a link to apply online here.

Independent practitioners may find some useful information about independent practice by following this link 

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence also provides an online evidence search at:

Dependent upon development needs some further links to resources include:

Allied Health Professions Federation 

Care Quality Commission 

NHS Leadership Academy

Nuffield Trust 

Public Health England 

The Health Foundation

The Department of Health 

The King’s Fund 

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