Practitioner Radiographers

Post registration radiographer practitioner

Practitioner is the entry level to the radiography profession for both diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers.

It is the level at which the largest number of radiographers practice, providing expert and essential knowledge, skills and behaviours to diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy services.

Radiographer Practitioners have a unique skills set encompassing patient care pathways ranging from ante natal to post mortem. They have a pivitol role in healthcare, working in partnership with medical physics experts to secure the radiation protection of service users and the public. 

Most diagnostic radiographer practitioners will work initially in plain film or projection radiography, providing a huge range of diagnostic imaging services from the Emergency Department (ED) to the wards and theatres, minor injuries units, satellite clinics and dental services to name a few. They assimilate large volumes of information, enabling them to build on their undergardaute knowledge, gaining experience rapidly and preparing them to adapt to the ever changing needs of the healthcare environment.

44.9 million imaging tests were reported in England in the year to March 2019. Of these, plain radiography (X-ray) was the most common with 23.2 million procedures. Practitioner radiographers will play a vital part in the recovery and renewal of diagnostic services.

Practitioner level therapeutic radiographers are crucial to the delivery of The NHS Cancer Programme.