Association of Radiography Educators

The Association of Radiography Educators represents radiographers involved in, or interested in, radiography education. This can be the education of undergraduate radiographers, assistant practitioners or qualified staff. The association aims to promote best practice in both clinical and academic education by:
  • Encouraging the sharing of best practice in and between the clinical and academic settings
  • Raising the profile of practice-based education
  • Using evidence and research to inform practice
  • Supporting and facilitating education-based CPD
  • Providing a voice for educators


Dr Ruth M Strudwick
Tel: 01473 338543

The Association of Radiography Educators (ARE) published a handbookin October 2018 to enable training in Values-Based Practice (VBP):

VBP always includes a patient's values in joint decision-making. It is an approach that compliments evidence-based radiography to ensure a holistic service. By patient values we mean the unique preferences, concerns and expectations each patient brings to a practice encounter. VBP takes into account and highlights what matters to the patient (Fulford et al., 2012). A small team including committee members of the Association of Radiography Educators (ARE) and other interested radiography educators have adapted materials from a handbook, originally developed for medicine (Fulford andHanda, 2011) and now adapted for radiography. The handbook has been produced with the intention that it will be used by and for radiographers.

The scenarios included have been piloted with radiographers and undergraduates at study days and in teaching sessions. We are grateful to the participants for their input. 

Raising the awareness of values is essential to enable contemporary person-centred care. Sustainable implementation, however, depends on a whole-systems approach where patients are at the centre of service delivery. The handbook introduces the concept and provides examples. The aim is to share this material; we advocate that all radiographers must gain an understanding of VBP and adopt the approach in practice. The handbook is a method of raising awareness. This is the beginning of VBP conversations in radiography; when embedded, VBP will provide assurance that we put the patient at the centre of each and every episode of their care.


Fulford K W M and Handa A (2011) Values Based Practice In Clinical Care - A Training Template. The Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice in Health and Social Care, Oxford.

Fulford K W M, Peile E and Carroll H (2012) Essentials of Values-based Practice: Clinical Stories Linking Science with people. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

For further information please contact our chair.

Further information is also available via the VBP