Working abroad

Are you a UK radiographer thinking of working abroad?

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In This Section

Working abroad as a UK radiographer

Educational qualifications approved for registration with the Health Professions Council in the UK, such as BSc (Hons) in Radiography, may be recognised virtually worldwide for the practise of radiography. 

Reciprocity arrangements

However, the principle of full mutual recognition of qualifications, reciprocity, should not be assumed since the detailed requirements for registration as a radiographer may vary between countries. Therefore, if you are considering working overseas, you will need to make specific enquiries to the Designated Authority/regulatory body of that country about the need for registration and any other employment requirements. If you are not yet qualified. you will need to state the qualification for which you are studying and the anticipated date of qualification.

Application timescales and language

As far as possible, regulatory bodies attempt to establish appropriate procedures to facilitate the quick consideration of overseas applications. However, the process may sometimes take a number of months and, consequently, early application is recommended.

The appropriate overseas organisations may also be able to give you advice on job opportunities and salaries. A major problem in gaining employment in some overseas countries could be language difficulties and it will be important to reassure prospective employers on this issue.

A list of professional bodies/national societies for the radiographic workforce in countries other than the UK can be found on the website of the International Society of Radiographers and Radiographical Technologists.