Advice for service managers or practice educators

Key areas to consider when supporting staff returning to practice

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The following checklist is designed to give you an overview of the key areas you need to consider when supporting individuals returning to practice after a period of absence. 

The SoR can provide dedicated support to help navigate the process. Once you have familarised yourself with our checklist, book an appointment (via [email protected]) to speak with Sue Johnson or Spencer Goodman, SoR Professional Officers. 


  • Welcome contact from returnees; they are potential new staff!
  • Consider facilitating active recruitment for returnees in your area, for example: 
    • display posters in departments or local area
    • include reference to return to practice radiographers in job adverts
    • advertise in local press
  • Devise a process for managing return to practice enquiries and ensure all staff are aware of this, e.g. 
    • have a single point of contact for all queries and promote this on your website
    • have clear criteria to ensure all potential returnees have equality of access to return to practice support
    • identify an individual to manage returnees and support them in understanding the HCPC requirements for a returnee
  • Identify the type of contract/agreement to be offered and any other HR requirements including indicative timescales, e.g. 
    • honorary contract
    • volunteers contract
    • substantive/temporary paid contract (clear endpoint should HCPC registration not be achieved)
    • letter of agreement
    • requirements for evidence of identification
    • requirements for personal references
    • requirement for a Disclosure and Barring certificate
    • requirements of any occupational health assessments/declarations
    • requirements for any mandatory training
    • uniform policy or dress code
  • Arrange access to IT resources e.g. to access e-learning for health modules, mandatory training or library resources
  • Utilise practice educators for advice and support. It is worth looking outside of radiography to seek support from the broader employers education and training Department
  • Identifying a mentor for each returnee and a line manager for day-to-day support
  • Develop a framework/timetable to support the returnee and your staff
  • Document for the returnee what you can provide, any limitations, end points, feedback processes etc
  • Identify local support available, e.g. 
    • local education committee/funds
    • other professions RTP sessions
    • practice educators
    • mandatory/optional training courses etc
  • Celebrate and share your successes with your employer and via Synergy or as a case study on the SoR website (via this form)


NHS HEE Webinar

Return to practice: supporting AHP workforce supply across systems (06/10/2020, NHS HEE)

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