Managers' modules


Welcome to Workplace Integration for Radiographers (Team Leaders and Managers) - a short training course delivered in partnership between the NHS and Plymouth Marjon University, designed to help your radiographers settle into their new role and enable them to make a valued contribution to the NHS.

The first five modules are laid out as your new radiographers see the course. Modules 6 to 8 are designed specifically for you as managers and team leaders of new recruits.

When the new recruits have engaged with and completed this short training course, they should be able to:

  1. Know what to expect in terms of language related to the workplace when they start work within their department
  2. Have an improved level of awareness of the challenges they might encounter in their workplace
  3. Have an enhanced ability to deal practically with professional challenges relating to language and challenges within their workplace.

Module 6: Supporting new international recruits

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