Imaging & Oncology

An annual title published to coincide with the United Kingdom Imaging and Oncology Congress

Imaging & Oncology is an annual title published to coincide with the UK Imaging and Oncology Congress (UKIO). The 2022 edition is now available in a new digital format, offering readers a highly interactive, immersive experience, that works seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop environments.


Imaging & Oncology 2022
For Imaging and Radiotherapy Professionals


The publication's remit is summed-up in the introduction to the first issue: "The authors were invited to write not because they have the power to peer into a crystal ball and divine our futures, but because they have the abilities to lead and anticipate. The 'blue sky' speculation in the following pages will make you think. Some will infuriate. You will find yourself nodding in agreement and shaking your head in disbelief, maybe both at the same time."

The current issue for 2022 includes the following articles:

  • The future of ultrasound
  • Innovations in practice-based learning
  • Embedding a research culture in clinical radiography
  • Supporting the support workers
  • Co-producing the next AHP strategy for England
  • Creative provision of radiotherapy clinical placements
  • Reflections, future innovations and learning from Covid-19
  • What the new Quality Standard for Imaging means to patients and the public
  • Where now for the four-tier structure in clinical imaging?
  • The growth and progression of PET-CT