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  • Can you help get me started in research?

    Q: I would like to get involved in reserach, where do I start?

    A: Please visit our research pages here

Reporting and advanced practice

  • Can I work as a reporting radiographer outside the NHS?

    Q: I have recently left the NHS and am working for an agency. Am I able to report and if so does my PII cover me?

    A: Anyone undertaking reporting should do so under a clearly defined governance framework and have access to the relevant policies and procedures and referral guidelines of the employer for whom you are providing clinical evaluations (reports).

    We would advise you to ensure you have written copies of your scope of practice and your IR(ME)R scope of entitlement under your new employer. Before entitling you, it is for your employer to satisfy themselves that you have been adequately trained for the role you are undertaking.

    Indemnity insurance considerations are very important when working out with NHS Employers. Members of the Society of Radiographers are eligible for cover under the SoR Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) scheme as long as they are in membership both at the time of an incident and that of a claim. Please note The SoR PII scheme only applies where there is a contract of employment in place. Members must also be working within their Scope of Practice and in accordance with the College Code of Professional Conduct. Full details can be found here.


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    If you have any specific queries with regards to PII please contact the PII administrator Liz Robinson [email protected].