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In This Section

MR Safety Advice Sheets

A series of MR Safety advice sheets was published by the BIR as part of the 2018 MR Safety Week Activities

The sheets were put together by the BIR MR Special Interest group and consist of the following:

  • Scanning without device manufacturers approval of MRI safety
  • SAR and B1+ RMS
  • Static Magnetic Field
  • Maximum Spatial Gradient
  • Time-varying Magnetic Field Gradients

All can be downloaded from the BIR website

Essential Guidelines

Useful Publications

International committee on Non-ionising radiation protection ICNIRP

1. ICNIRP Guidelines for the protection of workers moving in or exposed to static magnetic fields. 2014.

2. ICNIRP Guidelines on exposure to static magnetic fields. 2009

3. ICNIRP Statement on medical magnetic resonance (MR) procedures: protection of patients. 2004.

4. ICNIRP 2009 Amendment to the Statement on medical magnetic resonance (MR) procedures: protection of patients (2004).

Risk Assessment Templates

The BIR MR Safety Working Party has developed generic risk assessment templates to assist employers which can be found within the Risk Assessments section of their webiste. 


Burn Prevention

Download an MRI burn prevention poster for your department, produced by the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and available in 5 different languages


MR Safety Top tips poster

Radiological Society of the Netherlands

Using MR safely practical rules for employees

Gadolinium Containing Contrast Agents GDCA

Gadolinium containing contrast agents- new advice to minimise the risk of NSF -2010

IPEM MR Safety Notices

Free to download here

Helpful website