Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month 2019 #MUAM

This is the second year we have celebrated Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month. 

Again, sonographers provided a range of fascinating and informative articles about the invaluable contribution ultrasound makes to diagnosis and treatment.

Topics ranged from an ergonomics checklist for practitioners, to e-learning and CPD, as well as ultrasound guided radiotherapy, direct entry education, FASP screening scans, from helper to aspiring consultant practitioner, and top tips for lifelong leadership, to name a few.

We even had a Halloween poem!

As always, we are extremely grateful to the authors for providing high quality and fascinating content.

The full list and links to the articles are below. Be informed and enjoy.

October is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month #MUAM 
Introduction to MUAM 

Thinking beyond the scan - adopting a holistic approach to pregnancy care

Uganda: almost complete reliance on ultrasound for radiological diagnoses

Deep ultrasound: how artificial intelligence could impact sonography

A brief insight into the work of a medico legal expert witness

'Girls don't do science!'

Top Tips for life long leadership

My experience of being involved in a NICE guideline committee as an early pregnancy sonographer

Quality improvement in health care: a sonographer’s experience exploring ‘scanxiety’ and the fetal anomaly scan

E-learning for sonographers: a key CPD tool

Climbing the career ladder: From helper to aspiring consultant practitioner

The sonographer degree apprenticeship journey

Sonographers as referrers for ionising radiation examinations

Applying for a CoR Doctoral Fellowship: A sonographer’s experience

Ultrasound ergonomics checklist for scanning and observing colleagues

The FASP screening scans: diagnostic medical ultrasound examination, or an extended family celebration?

What kind of a day have you got? A sonographer's reflections

CASE accredited ‘Direct Entry’ to M-level medical ultrasound education - four years on

Bowel ultrasound

Using medicines in ultrasound practice

Ultrasound guided radiotherapy

A day in the life of a newly qualified sonographer (preceptee)

The importance of restorative practices: tempering emotional labour for sonographers

A MUAM Halloween poem from the animal which inspired medical ultrasound