Person-centred Care

Person centred care in the context of clinical imaging and radiotherapy departments means attending to the time sensitive and specific needs of each individual patient. That care must consider the preferences and wishes of each individual person in a respectful and dignified manner by taking time to consider, plan, and respond to changing needs that may arise during screening, diagnosis and treatment. 


Put simply, that means taking time to provide what each patient needs during their visit with the emphasis on care tailored to that person.

The concept of intersectionality allows us to widen our understanding of people. People have multiple needs according to a variety of factors. On this web page, we focus on a range of factors that we know heavily influence the health outcomes of people, while recognizing that there are multiple determinants of health. 


As a starting point, the consideration of needs of people with a learning disability, autism, and/or dementia are signposted but with the caveat that people will have multiple factors that should be considered when planning their care.