Advice and information around implementing sustainable healthcare

Sustainable healthcare delivers healthcare without damaging the environment.   The NHS aims is to be the world’s first net zero national health service by 2040.

There are many ways that members can involve themselves in sustainable health care delivery and supporting the Net Zero aim.

You can: 

  1. Support the work by joining the SoR Health Improvement/Public Health in Radiography Special Interest Group to share your ideas and case studies. This group is open to members of the Society of Radiographers with an interest in public health including sustainability.
  2. Develop your knowledge through e-learning and online education - HEE elfh Hub (

  3. Join the Imaging Susnet / Centre for Sustainable Healthcare Networks.
    Which aims to bring together all staff who have an interest in pushing forward sustainable imaging in healthcare. The network allows members to share practice, discuss ideas and work together to improve the environmental impact of the growing specialty.