SoR Guidance for Managers

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Guidance for managers involved in disciplinary or grievance procedures
Eight Simple Rules

  1. Ask yourself in what capacity are you acting:
    a. As a witness in a case?
    b. As a manager who is looking to instigate a grievance or disciplinary action?
    c. As the subject of a grievance procedure?
    d. Are you being disciplined by your manager?
  2. If you are a witness, you do not require representation, but we are happy to discuss the process and what you can expect. Remember, you are likely to be robustly cross examined so ensure that you are sure of your facts and be able to justify and evidence your statements.
  3. If you are a manager, and you are instigating a grievance or disciplinary procedure, then it would be inappropriate for an Industrial Relations Rep or a Regional Officer to offer you support. The support and guidance should come from your Human Resources Department. However, the Society of Radiographers will discuss the appropriate way forward regarding the procedures to ensure that the processes are correctly and fairly undertaken. We cannot, however, offer advice on specific cases.
  4. If you are the subject of a grievance from a member of staff, you do not require SoR representation. Support should be sought from your Human Resources department. The SoR accepts that some HR departments are less supportive to managers than others and the SoR can offer guidance on the general process and what to expect.
  5.  If you are the subject of a disciplinary action, then you will be represented by the local IR Representative or the Regional Officer.
  6. Managers need to be aware of, and understand the Trust or employers' internal processes. Human Resources can suggest that you take disciplinary action against a member of staff, but it is your decision. They can only offer guidance cannot demand that you do this.
  7. Don’t take things personally. When it comes to grievance and disciplinary procedures, remember that the local rep or the Regional Officer is just doing a job. They have to test the evidence robustly to ensure the person they are representing gets a fair outcome.
  8. Think of Industrial Relations as a game of chess. Learn the rules and learn the moves.