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For information about radiography as a career please visit the careers information on this website. The Society and College of Radiographers has a limited supply of leaflets, posters and promotional material, please contact Valerie Asemah phone 020 7740 7224 or email [email protected]

The Age of Radiotherapy Campaign

The Year of Radiotherapy and the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) took part in the national campaign to raise awareness of this vital cancer treatment in 2011.

To address this situation, the Society joined forces with a number of other organisations, including the Royal College of Radiologists, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Cancer Research UK. The Year of Radiotherapy was officially launched at the annual Radiotherapy Conference in Birmingham inJanuary. To coincide with the conference, a media launch took place in London where a panel of speakers unveiled the results of a specially commissioned survey exploring public attitudes towards radiotherapy. The panel will work with journalists to dispel radiotherapy myths, address common misconceptions and fears and ensure the benefits of modern radiotherapy treatment are more widely recognised. There were numberous radiotherapy awareness initiatives throughout 2011 so that the momentum from the launch was utilised to bring about a significant shift in positive attitudes towards radiotherapy.

Play your part

The campaign continues and the SCoR is still working hard to promote radiotherapy and spread awareness on a national level. It is important that members do their bit to highlight the importance of radiotherapy. What can you do to increase the understanding of radiotherapy in your area?

The SCoR is encouraging members to join the campaign by opening their departments to the public, providing patients with information and holding events. If you need any advice or information, please contact Professional Officer Spencer Goodman.

Synergy News will be following the campaign, so please tell us about your event by emailing the editor.

Over 200 news items have already been written about the campaign. Here are just a selection:

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Radiotherapy newsletter

As part of the Age of Radiotherapy – the campaign working to raise the profile of radiotherapy – the National Cancer Action Team provided a daily e-newsletter to highlight where treatment has been reported in the media.

The wide range of stories also cover advances in radiotherapy, patients’ personal experiences and research into cutting edge technologies.

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