Radiotherapy and UK Countries

Spencer is the national Professional Officer responsible for Radiotherapy. However, for country specific information about the development of cancer services in each of the devolved nations, please contact the relevant Professional Officer.

Northern Ireland


Listed below are some useful website links for information about the development of cancer services in England:

National Cancer Action Team

From 31 March 2013 the National Cancer Action Team (NCAT) ceased to be, and the Radiotherapy Programme led by NCAT therefore ended.  As a result the National Radiotherapy Implementation Group (NRIG) no longer exists.  

The NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB)

From 1 April 2013 the strategic planning of specialised services for the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB) is informed by bringing specialised expertise and advice together with the views of patients and their carers in the form of service-specific Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs).This approach will be coordinated through five National Programmes of Care and will maintain a focus on mental health and rare conditions, alongside the bulk of specialised services.

Radiotherapy and Stereotactic Radiosurgery are within specialized services. 

The Radiotherapy Clinical Reference Group (CRG) is within the Cancer & Blood programme. This is established and is responsible for setting the national standards of care for radiotherapy, services will therefore be commissioned against these standards. Chairs : Dr Peter Kirkbride (Clinical Oncologist, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre).Vision for Radiotherapy 2014-2024 is an important document which describes the focus for radiotherapy services over the next 10 years. It sets out the shared vision for the future of innovation within radiotherapy and is helping to inform the thinking of the RT CRG about future radiotherapy service development in England.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery Clinical Reference Group is within the Trauma programme.

A guide to CRGs aimed primarily at clinical staff has been published aimed at providing background information and an introduction to the work programme for the groups for the coming year.

All radiotherapy services will come under the direct commissioning of prescribed services by the NHS Commissioning Board and the Area Teams.    There are Strategic Clinical Networks (SCNs) in place for cancer who will work with local Health and Wellbeing boards to ensure that services meet access needs and nationally set standards of care.     Consultation on Specialised Services Specifications and Commissioning Policies 2013/14: Summary and Response from NHS England. This document outlines the progress made so far by the CRGs with regard to establishing nationally consistent service specifications and clinical commissioning policies

The Radiotherapy Clinical Information Group (RCIG)

This an important group managing the data flows from Radiotherapy. This group reported to NCAT and the National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) who provide the funding for the programme.  The NCIN will transfer to Public Health England (PHE).  This group will continue its work from 1 April 2013 in PHE. Chair: Prof P Hoskin.
The RCIG will continue to:

  • Maintain the mandatory national data set (RTDS) which will provide information for the CRG against a set of defined service products;
  • Manage the NHS Cancer Commissioning Tool kit (CCT)  data flow;
  • Be the group for sign-off and validation of key radiotherapy data.

SCoR has had membership of this group from its inception.  The group membership will be expanded and is likely to encourage some membership from CRG members. This will be discussed at June 2013 meeting.

DH National Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) Steering Committee

The SCoR has been invited to become a member of the PBT Steering Committee by Ann Sutton, Director of Commissioning at the NHS Commissioning Board.

Responsibility for the management of the Programme moved to the NHS Commissioning Board from 1 April 2013,  where Ann Sutton will take over from Professor Sir Mike Richards as the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO). 

Department of Health

Manual for Cancer Services 2013

Radiotherapy Developing a world class service:

 Northern Ireland

Leandre Archer, SCoR Professional Officer for Northern Ireland. (contact)

Listed below are some useful website links for information about the development of cancer services in Northern Ireland:

Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety NI (DHSSPSNI)

Public Health Agency

Northern Ireland Assembly



Maria Murray, SCoR Professional Officer for Scotland. (contact)

Below is some useful information and website links about the development of cancer services in Scotland:

Scottish Government Health Care and Social Care Directorates

NHS Scotland aims to deliver the highest quality of healthcare services to people in Scotland.

The Scottish Governments’ up to date policy and legislation on health and social care matters can be found at:

Healthcare in NHS Scotland is underpinned by the "Quality Strategy (2010)" -
This website provides details of all health policy and information for both health professionals and service users. Further information may be found by using the 'search' facility - a search for radiotherapy brings you to various recent cancer/radiotherapy reports and a search for 'cancer' leads you to various update reports, including cancer treatment waiting times.

General information about cancer on the Scottish Government website is online at - with a link to the policy document "Better Cancer Care (2008)" at and an up to date “progress report” at

Also included on this web-link are the links to the 3 Regional Cancer Networks within NHS Scotland

The Scottish Government has launched the “Detect Cancer Early” initiative – see
The Detect Cancer Early Programme is an ambitious programme of work to improve survival for people with cancer in Scotland to amongst the best in other European countries by diagnosing and treating the disease at an earlier stage.

The Scottish Governments’ Cancer Plan for Children and Young People in Scotland 2012-2015 (2012) is at

The Scottish Referral Guidelines for Suspected Cancer is a useful publication –

There is also the link to the "Scottish Cancer Taskforce (SCT)" at which oversees the actions outlined within Better Cancer Care, An Action Plan and which has 4 meetings per year.

There are sub-groups which report to SCT - the National Planning Forum (NPF) and the National Cancer Quality Steering Group which is overseeing the development of Quality Performance Indicators (QPIs) for various cancer types.

Radiotherapy Activity Planning for Scotland 2011 - 2015

Scottish Therapeutic Radiography Forum (STRF).

The purpose of this group is to promote awareness of the profession, improve communication and influence decision making with respect to cancer management in Scotland.

Please find the full terms of reference for STRF in the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Transforming Care After Treatment (TCAT)

The Transforming Care After Treatment programme is a partnership between the Scottish Government, Macmillan Cancer Support, NHSScotland, and local authorities to support a redesign of care following active treatment of cancer.


Kevin Tucker, SCoR Professional Officer for Wales. (contact)

Listed below are some useful website links for information about the development of cancer services in Wales:

National Specialist Advisory Group for Cancer

National Cancer Standards

Health in Wales: Cancer

National standards for children with cancer

South Wales Cancer Network

North Wales Cancer Service


World Health Organisation

Risk Reduction in Radiotherapy