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1. Introduction

This document presents an analysis of an online survey of students and recently qualified radiographers run by the SCoR in July 2014. The survey was targeted at current radiography students and radiographers who had qualified since 2013. Respondents were asked about their motivations for studying radiography, details of their finances and their experiences since qualifying.

The survey covered as many students and recently qualified radiographers as possible. Around 3,800 potential subjects were identified from the SCoR membership database and emailed to ask if they would complete the online questionnaire. Respondents were offered the option of entering a prize draw if they completed the survey.

The questionnaire was answered by 617 individuals (a 16% response rate). It was designed to ask respondents different questions depending on their year of qualification: current students were asked questions about the reasons they chose to study radiography and why some students did not complete the course, and recently qualified radiographers were asked about their experiences in their first job. All respondents were asked questions about their level of debt on qualification. Each question, therefore, has a different number of responses which is displayed as an ‘n’ figure on each graph, where appropriate.

The results are mainly displayed using descriptive statistics. Where there are key differences from last year’s survey or between categories of respondents, a statistical test (t-test) is used to determine, with 95% confidence, if the differences are statistically significant or could just be explained by chance.

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