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2. Pre-registration education

2.1 Reasons for studying radiography

The main reasons students give for choosing the subject of radiography are they are interested in a healthcare career; want to help people / contribute to society; feel it is likely they will find a job after qualification; have potential to develop their career; and are interested in the scientific aspects of radiography. Financial considerations are considered less important by respondents.

2.2 Reasons for choosing specific course

The key reasons for choosing a specific course are the course/university reputation and the clinical placement arrangements.

2.3 Reasons for not completing the course

Students were asked about factors which they found difficult and which may lead them to consider leaving the course. They were also asked if they knew of other students considering leaving the course and whether they knew the reasons why. In both questions respondents were given a list of potential factors to select from and also given the opportunity to add free-text comments. The responses to the list of factors are collated below according to the course discipline and are shown in separate graphs for diagnostic and therapeutic radiography.

The main reasons for not completing a course are the same for both diagnostic and therapeutic radiography: failing parts of the course; wrong career choice; personal or family reasons; dissatisfaction with clinical placement; and finding the course too difficult. In the free-text area, the only additional reason mentioned by more than one respondent was illness, which was mentioned by four respondents.


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