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6. General comments

Finally, respondents were asked if there were any general comments they would like to make related to the survey. Themes mentioned by three or more respondents are given below with the number of respondents given in brackets after the theme. The most common themes are appreciation of their radiography course, appreciation of this survey, dissatisfaction with their clinical placements, and financial issues they encountered during their studies.

Theme: Appreciation of radiography course (7)
“The course that I am on is very well organised and all of the tutors offer support and help to all of the students, should they wish to discuss the learning outcomes for an exam or essay and support you if you are experiencing problems at home or generally outside of the University/placement environment. Very good choice.”

Theme: Appreciation of this survey (7)
“Good range of relevant questions.”

Theme: Dissatisfaction with clinical placement (5)
“Placement experiences should be more streamlined to give the students the same experience. Or placement rotation like in nursing.”

Theme: Financial issues (5)
“Financial issues have come up frequently with myself and my peers. Costs of childcare and travel are not well covered by the bursary, although I am very grateful to receive the help. One of the biggest complaints is about the out of pocket expenses for living away on placement. Reimbursement is never as much as is spent, and many students have been known to go in to debt over it. I have even heard of students going hungry as they cannot afford food on top of the costs of placement accommodation.”

Theme: Difficulties with job search (4)
“There have been barely any jobs advertised in Scotland. Too many new graduates and no where for them to work. Very disappointing since every hospital department complains of staff shortages.”

Theme: Appreciation of radiography (4)
“I really love this career, and cannot wait for new modalities to emerge during my time as a radiographer.”

Theme: Debt not wholly due to radiography degree (4)
“My debt is not wholly due to training as a radiographer.”

Theme: Dissatisfaction with radiography course (3)
“Workload is high rather than difficult. Courses have high contact hours, particularly on placement with travel, combined with assignments. Time management is challenging and demanding. I enjoy it very much but definitely feel under pressure to manage it all with family life.”

Theme: Unprofessional staff (3)
“I think there is an attitude of staff in the NHS to treat students badly and more there to do the leg work and errands rather that what we are there for which is learning. Partially due to staffing issues and partly as that's how they were treated as a student so continue the cycle, but it's a major factor in making us wonder whether we want to be stuck like that for the rest of our working life.”

Theme: Up front knowledge is valuable (3)
“There is probably a big difference between postgraduate diploma students and undergraduates. Not that some of the postgraduate students did not find out this profession was not for them, but most of them enter the course rather well informed.”

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