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1. Introduction

In September 2010, the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) surveyed students about their experience during clinical placements in hospitals as part of their degrees. An email containing a link to an online questionnaire was sent to all 2428 students members in their 2nd, 3rd or 4th years studying pre- registration radiography with known email addresses. As an incentive to complete the survey, respondents were offered the chance to enter a prize draw to win one of the two prizes of £75 worth of vouchers. 302 students (12.4%) responded to the survey, answering questions primarily designed to capture data on the level of bullying on clinical placements. The questions also covered the characteristics, causes and symptoms of bullying. As this is a self-selecting group of respondents, caution should be exercised if extrapolating these results to the entire population of student radiographers.

The questionnaire was designed carefully to guide the respondent through a set of questions to inform the students as well as capture data. The questions were based on the contents of the SCoR publication Dealing with bullying and harassment – a guide for student radiographers1. Respondents were told that if they were affected by any of the questions and wanted to discuss the issues, they should contact the SCoR in confidence. Some students contacted the SCoR as a result and the themes from this follow-up correspondence are included.

1 Society and College of Radiographers (2010) Dealing with bullying and harassment – a guide for student radiographers (requires SCoR membership number and website password to access)

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