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Caring for People with Dementia guideline - Audit Checklist

Caring for People with Dementia: a clinical practice guideline for the radiography workforce (imaging and radiotherapy) January 2015


The clinical practice guideline, caring for people with dementia and their carers when attending for imaging or radiotherapy has been approved by United Kingdom Council of the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR). It can be found within their policy and document library 1

All employing authorities are required to have governance arrangements in place that include locally developed audit tools for patient experience. This check list has been provided to assist imaging and radiotherapy departments to adapt their audits to measure the impact of the practice guideline recommendations on patients’ and carers’ experience.  The check list is not exhaustive nor is it intended to be a replacement for local audit measures. It contains suggestions for inclusion of some of the measurable aspects of the guideline recommendation.

Checklist Themes

The guideline contains recommendations under 7 themes, which you may find useful when developing and adapting audit tools: 

  1. The practice environment –acknowledging the need for special provision;
  2. Building relationships with patients and carers to optimise the patient experience; 
  3. Strategies for optimising communication with people with dementia and their carers;
  4. Understanding patients’ behaviour and adopting positive ways to reduce distressed reactions;
  5. Carer involvement;
  6. Staff skills and attitudes;
  7. Training needs.

Specific measures

  • Type and extent of any therapies used; e.g. music, which may be brought in by the patient, or reminiscence; inviting patients and carers to bring items such as photographs to be discussed prior to examination or treatment
  • System of identifiers in place, such as ‘forget me not’, blue wrist bands or butterflies  
  • Dementia champion role identified and/or established  
  • Numbers of volunteers 
  • System of professional supervision 
  • Patient information pack designed specifically for people with dementia and their carer
  • Information provided to the patient to gain informed consent has been modified to include only that which is directly related to the activity and ensuring safety
  • Numbers of staff, clinical and non-clinical who have received additional training and development in dementia-related care 
  • People with dementia and their carers are involved in training and development opportunities for staff


  1. Caring for People with Dementia: a clinical practice guideline for the radiography workforce (imaging and radiotherapy). The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR), January 2015
  2. Dementia UK: second edition. The Alzheimer’s Society
  3. This is me document. RCN and The Alzheimer’s Society [accessed 24.11.14] 

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