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12. Appendices

Appendix 1 Dementia Guideline Evidence References 

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Appendix 2 Names and affiliations of guideline core and stakeholder groups 

Core Group

Hazel Colyer Consultant, Fireduce Consultancy Services Ltd

Christina Freeman Professional Officer, SCoR

Emily Lewis Research radiographer, Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Stakeholder Group

Georgina Charlton Senior radiographer

Lisa Field Consultant radiographer  

Claire Godfree Student radiographer

Glenys Goodwill Lay person 

Caroline Handley Superintendent radiographer  

Helen Harvey Student radiographer 

Nikola Hawkins Research radiographer  

Zainab Hussain Senior lecturer

Julie Stone Radiographer  

Fred Marlowe Radiographer

Fiona Oludipe Senior lecturer

Philip Plant Lay person

Colette Sheehan Macmillan radiographer

Kumud Titmarsh Senior lecturer  

Alison Tonkin Senior lecturer  

Lorraine Webster Practice development radiographer  

External reviewers

Lindsay Batty-Smith Senior radiographer, Adult Safeguarding Lead 2009 - 014

Tiffany Chalcraft Neuroradiology radiographer

Anna Dowrick Policy adviser, The Alzheimer’s Society

Marie Gornall Senior 1 radiographer (Mammography)

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