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2. Scope and Purpose

Developing the guideline was prioritised and initiated by the SCoR Director of Professional Policy (DPP) in the autumn of 2013. Its broad purpose was to produce a practice guideline that both defines and supports the implementation of best practice when caring for people with dementia and their carers. 

The proposed project was shared with members of the SCoR Public and Patient Liaison Group (PPLG) at the November 2013 meeting. It received their approval and two lay members of the PPLG agreed to take part in the development of the guideline as members of the stakeholder group.  

The resulting practice guideline is for the whole radiographic workforce including students and learners. This encompasses clinical and non-clinical, registered and other practitioners, service managers, educationists and researchers. The population covered in the guideline is people with dementia-related conditions of varying severity and their carers. The setting for the guideline is imaging and radiotherapy departments in the United Kingdom.

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