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This census asked for the total numbers of therapeutic radiographers, assistant practitioners and trainee assistant practitioners (together referred to as the 'radiotherapy radiographic workforce' in this report) within the budgetary control of the radiotherapy service manager. Radiotherapy helpers and administration staff are not included in the figures.

This report assumes that numbers reported in AfC band 5 and above refer to therapeutic radiographers, and numbers reported in AfC band 4 and below refer to the associated assistant practitioners (APs) and trainee assistant practitioners (TAPs).

This survey is not directly comparable to the UK national radiotherapy workforce survey in 2010 as, unlike later surveys, the 2010 survey included radiotherapy helpers and administration staff.

This report excludes the physics and engineering radiotherapy workforce and clinical oncologists. Enquiries about the physics and engineering workforce in radiotherapy should be directed to the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. Enquiries about the clinical oncology workforce should be directed to the Royal College of Radiologists.

As a check of the accuracy of this census, the SCoR data for Agenda for Change (AfC) band 5 and above in the NHS in England (i.e. qualified therapeutic radiographers) is compared with the equivalent NHS Information Centre data. There is a 5% discrepancy between the census figure (2280.3 WTE as of Nov 2013) and the NHS IC figure (2382 WTE as of Oct 2013)4. The cause of this discrepancy is unknown.

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