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2. Data collection

Data collection was performed between November 2016 and March 2017. The SCoR contacted radiotherapy centres asking them to complete the survey to reflect the position in their department as of 1st November 2016 (the census date). Data was collected by means of a SurveyMonkey® online questionnaire distributed to radiotherapy service managers.

Each of the 62 NHS centres that provide radiotherapy services in the UK submitted data to the SCoR census. In addition, all the eight private providers of radiotherapy services responded, giving a 100% response rate from both NHS and non-NHS providers. However, not all respondents answered every question. Where data is not available from a centre for a question, the figures from the previous census date of 1st November 2015 are used where available. The number of respondents to each question is shown by the ‘n’ figure in each section.

A breakdown of the figures in this report by NHS health board and trust and by private provider can be found in the accompanying spreadsheets.

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