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  2. SCoR Statements for Professional Conduct London: SCoR; Sept 2004.
  3. Health Professions Council (HPC) Your guide to our standards for continuing professional development. London: HPC; May 2006
  4. SCoR Statements on Ultrasound Referrals & Professional Insurance Arrangements London: SCoR; Nov 2006
  5. SCoR Summary of Professional Liability Insurance Policy London: SCoR;
  6. SCoR The Child & The Law: the roles and responsibilities of the radiographer. London: SCoR; Oct 2005
  7. SCoR Consent to imaging and radiotherapy treatment examinations: an ethical perspective and good practice guide for the radiography workforce. London: SCoR; August 2007
  8. Health Professions Council (HPC) Confidentiality: guidance for registrants. Consultation document London: HPC; June 2007
  9. SCoR Healthcare Associated Infections: practical guidance and advice London: SCoR; 2006
  10. Joint document (RCN, SCoR, GCC, GOC, CSP, NHS Alliance and RCR) Clinical imaging requests from non-medically qualified professionals London: RCN; 2006
  11. Royal College of Radiologists Standards for the Reporting and Interpretation of Imaging Investigations London: RCR; Jan 2006
  12. SCoR Guidance on protective clothing/uniforms worn in clinical imaging and radiotherapy and oncology departments London: SCoR; July 2005

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