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Executive Summary

In order for radiography practice to move forward, radiographers need to lead and participate in research and implement the findings of such research to enable improvements in health care delivery, patient care, technological innovations, education, and development of the workforce. 

A newly revised research strategy from the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) from 2016 to 2021 sets a clear vision to improve patient care and outcomes by continuing to develop, grow and implement a high quality evidence base.  In order to meet the aims and vision of the SCoR research strategy it is important to identify what the key research areas will be for radiography research in the UK over the next five years.  These research priority areas will enable the profession to focus research activity on topics that are deemed to be critical for current and future radiography practice; and enable appropriate channelling of funding resources.

A modified Delphi consensus method was used to establish the key research priority areas. All rounds of the Delphi were conducted using the Surveymonkey online questionnaire software.

A total of 133 priority topics were identified that reached consensus agreement across the three round process. Five key themed areas were identified to simplify presentation of the priority areas to a wider audience:

  • Technological innovations
  • Public and patient experience
  • Accuracy and safety
  • Service and workforce transformation
  • Education and training

It is important to be mindful that these themes reflect a broad overview of the 133 topics that reached consensus and primary reference should be made to the consensus topics themselves.

All 133 topics will be presented and available for members under the key themed areas.

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