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Care Quality Commission  2014, GP myth buster 19; Patient Group Directions (PGDs)/Patient specific directions PSDs)

COMARE 16th Report 2014, Patient radiation dose issues resulting from the use of CT in the UK

Department of Health SI 2000/1059, The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 (IRMER)                                                                               

Schedule 2 – Adequate training

Griffiths M, Dawson G. Hybrid Imaging, Imaging and Therapy Practice,  April 2015, pp 5-10 Deeson Group Ltd.

HCPC 2013, Standards of proficiency – Radiographers

Health and Safety Executive Legal base

Jones DW, Hogg P, Seeram E (eds) 2013 Practical SPECT/CT in Nuclear Medicine (Google eBook) Springer Science & Business Media

National Occupational Standards Skills for Health Cl.D, Producing CT scanning images for diagnostic purposes  

The Human Medicines Regulations 2012 Full document

SI 2012/1916 2012 Regulation 240, The Human Medicines Regulations 2012

The Register of Clinical Technologists 2016, The Clinical Technologist: Scope of Practice

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