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Making an initial consultant radiographer appointment

When identifying and developing a consultant radiographer position, there must be clear evidence for the requirements of  the post and how the appointment of the consultant practitioner will improve patient experiences and outcomes. Service needs should be identified first, followed by the creation and approval of the post, the necessary job description and person specification and finally, the recruitment, selection and appointment of an individual to the new post.

It is not good practice for consultant posts to be built around individuals although it is acknowledged that in the early days of consultant radiographer positions this was inevitable, often because the service, the post and the person had developed to that level prior to the opportunity to create a consultant post becoming available.

The skills required for consultant radiographer positions are transferable and all posts should be advertised. Job descriptions and role and person specifications should be highly demanding. Both the post and the person appointed to the post must command respect and support from colleagues and peer groups. At the same time, demands made must be achievable.

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