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4. The roles of employers, managers and providers of education and training

4.1 Employers

4.1.1 The role of the employer is set out in the document ‘A Strategy for Continuing Professional Development’ 2.

4.2 Managers

4.2.1 Managers have an interest in staff successfully undertaking CPD and local arrangements such as personal development planning, pay and career progression review and staff supervision may support and be supported by the CPD process.

4.2.2 Managers should understand that, although the bulk of an employee’s CPD will centre on the maintenance and development of knowledge of skills pertinent to the employee’s current post and role in service delivery, the employee nonetheless is entitled to undertake some aspirational CPD that may have no apparent immediate relevance to practice (see 2.3.6 above). Resources may permit the funding of CPD activities where these coincide with education and training required to support service development. Employees must accept that this will rarely be the case with aspirational activities.

4.2.3 The individual’s CPD portfolio is a personal record and service managers, or indeed anybody else, do not have the right to examine the portfolio. However, it is clearly in the employee’s interest to provide evidence of CPD undertaken to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of local review processes and managers are entitled to ask for this.

4.2.4 Managers may wish to see evidence that protected study time is being used appropriately. The College recommends that employees evidence this in two ways:

  • by evidencing previously agreed learning and development objectives met as part of the processes of personal development planning, pay and career progression review or similar local arrangements. If protected study time is given the employee cannot reasonably cite lack of time as a reason for not meeting previously agreed objectives
  • by providing a current certificate of CPD accreditation from the College of Radiographers (although managers should note that it may take up to two years for the initial certification to be achieved, see 3.8 above).

4.2.5 A range of features included in CPD Now can support practitioners and managers in meeting local learning and development requirements. These include:

  • the facility to reference CPD activities to the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) with automated electronic links between the individual practitioner’s CPD framework and personal KSF
  • the facility to produce a summary report, listing what is recorded against the individual’s core and specific dimensions of the KSF; it is envisaged that this will streamline the KSF review process for employees and managers
  • a CPD programme for newly qualified staff to evidence progression during the period of preceptorship, linked to a suggested KSF outline. Managers may also find this programme helpful for practitioners who require support in getting started with self-directed learning and portfolio work.

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