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6. Regulatory Requirements

6.1 Radiographers who practice in the United Kingdom must be registered with the UK regulatory body, The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

6.2 HCPC registration carries a requirement to comply with the HCPC’s ‘CPD Standards’. These are a set of conditions introduced in July 2006 and registrants are required to confirm compliance when registering and renewing registration. More detailed information is available on the HCPC website at

6.3 The HCPC CPD Standards are a generic requirement common to all professions regulated by the HCPC. In compiling the CPD Standards, the HCPC recognised that specific professions set their own CPD requirements for professional purposes. The HCPC CPD Standards were designed to accommodate, not to replace or compromise, individual professions’ CPD requirements and the CPD programmes organised by professional bodies.

6.4 The HCPC will carry out a random sampling of registrants to ensure compliance (the HCPC calls this process ‘CPD audit’)

6.5 The Society and College of Radiographers supports its members in meeting the regulatory requirement in three ways:

  • by providing a range of CPD opportunities through its journals, conference and events programme and other professional activities
  • by ensuring that the College’s own CPD standards match, as a minimum, those of the regulatory body. In other words, if a practitioner meets the College’s standards for CPD accreditation, he or she can be confident that the regulatory requirement is addressed
  • by including in CPD Now a template for the statement required by the HCPC CPD audit to prove that the registrant is meeting the CPD Standards (the HCPC refers to this as a ‘CPD profile’). This can be generated quickly and easily using the data already held in the user’s CPD portfolio.

6.6 It must be understood that the HCPC will not accept a certificate of CPD accreditation from the College of Radiographers as evidence of compliance with its CPD Standards. A CPD profile must be submitted (see paragraph 6.5 bullet point 3 above).

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