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It is now more than a decade since the College of Radiographers first issued guidance to members with regard to undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD)1.

Since then the College has invested significantly in an integrated infrastructure to encourage, support and, importantly, to accredit all member practitioners who undertake their CPD in line with the College’s defined professional standards for CPD accreditation.

Recent years have seen enormous advances in the approach taken to CPD. The notion of measuring CPD by the number of hours spent on CPD activities has been replaced by one which focuses on the relevance to, and impact on, practice. The increase in use of the Internet and the availability of information technology have seen a move from paper-based to electronic CPD portfolio and record keeping. These same developments have revolutionised learning potential and can provide the professional with a limitless range of CPD opportunities, although traditional learning and media still have their place.

This document builds on existing CPD policy2 in that it sets out clearly:

  • The College’s definition of CPD
  • The professional’s responsibility to undertake and record CPD
  • The rationale and practical requirements for CPD accreditation
  • The roles of employers, managers and providers of education and training
  • The links between the College’s requirements for CPD accreditation and the UK regulatory requirements as set out in the Health Professions Council’s ‘CPD Standards’3.

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