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2. Approval of Courses

Procedure for approval

Institutions wishing to develop programmes for the certificate of competence in administering intravenous injections should state their intention at least six months before the commencement of such a course. On receipt of the notification of intent, the Accreditation Department at the SCoR will issue the current guidance and nominate assessors. It is expected that, wherever possible, the approvals process will be conducted by correspondence and through the scrutiny and assessment of relevant documentation.

Documentation required

The course proposal document must contain the following:

  • Name of award;
  • Rationale for development of the course that clearly demonstrates the viability and sustainability of the programme;
  • Aims and objectives: Unambiguous course aims, objectives and outcomes together with evidence of how they are to be met in terms of educational support within an institution and the associated practice placements must be evident;
  • Statement of the relationship of the award to other radiography/health programmes offered.
  • Detail of credit rating where applicable;
  • Entry criteria/policy;
  • Learning outcomes related to scope of practice, learning and development framework, occupational standards and the core and relevant specific dimensions of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework;
  • Curriculum/Indicative content/syllabus;
  • Assessment methodology and schedule;
  • Resources to support the programme including physical and human, academic and clinical;
  • Evidence of a development strategy for clinical staff engaged in the supervision, support and mentorship of the learner;
  • Partnership arrangements with clinical departments;
  • Learning resources available to the learner at both the host institution and clinical department;
  • The quality assurance processes underpinning the course need to be clearly defined;
  • Evidence that all staff teaching elements of the course related to radiography, by virtue of their qualification as radiographers, are registered with the HPC.

Period of course approval

At the conclusion of the assessment of the proposal, the SCoR Approval and Accreditation Board will consider the assessors report. The Board meets three times a year in February, May and September. The recommendation to approve (or not) will be endorsed by the College Board of Trustees (CBoT) on behalf of the Council of the Society of Radiographers. Institutions will be notified of the outcome and period of approval following the meeting of CBoT. Therefore, institutions should be aware that the full time scale for approval might exceed six months.

Recognition will be granted prospectively for a pre-determined period.

Course approval is for two years and institutions may seek re-approval from the Approval and Accreditation Board.

A schedule of fees for accreditation of a course and for individuals registering on such a course is available from the Accreditation Department at SCoR and is available on the website


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