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4. Aims and Objectives

Course aims

  1. To provide the appropriate theoretical background for practitioners to undertake intravenous injections
  2. To allow practitioners to develop clinical expertise in intravenous injection procedures

Course objectives

On completion of the course of study the practitioner will be able to:

  1. discuss the role of the practitioner in the administration of intravenous injections
  2. demonstrate the professional and medico-legal implications of this role
  3. draw up criteria under which practitioners may undertake intravenous injections
  4. demonstrate the ability to assess risk groups and profile the patient for suitability for intravenous injection by the practitioner
  5. negotiate and implement departmental protocols for the administration of intravenous injections by practitioners
  6. demonstrate understanding of the pharmacological and physiological principles of medicines administered in clinical practice
  7. explain and undertake the procedure of intravenous substance administration
  8. explain and implement the safety precautions associated with intravenous administration
  9. recognise and deal appropriately with any adverse reaction to intravenous administration.
  10. evaluate and assess the procedure of administering intravenous injections.


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