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8. Continuing Professional Development

In line with The College of Radiographers’ policy on Continuing Professional Development (CPD), learners awarded the certificate are required to demonstrate continuing competence to practice.

Learners successfully completing the course of study should be made aware of the procedures regarding documentation of the evolution of their role. Whilst undergoing regular audit of their clinical practice is important, there is also a need to document and  ‘sign-off’ individual activities or changes to practice, thereby demonstrating that additional training has been given. This could be in the form of a clinical log, short written report or attendance certificate after one-to-one tutorials or short seminars.
Resources for CPD activities include

  • Web based information on current and emerging policies and updates. For example alerts from MHRA,  Resuscitation Council UK and professional bodies such as SCoR and  the  Royal College of Radiologists
  • Online CPD and Continuing Medical Education resources such as CoRE learning,  Medscape and appropriately reviewed and published research
  • Use of a reflective clinical logbook with, for example, levels of supervision (demonstrated/assisted, minor assistance, no assistance),  protocol changes, change of route or method of administration (pressure injector, cannula, infusion), additional pharmaceuticals.

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