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10. General respondent comments

At the end of the questionnaire, respondents were asked if they had any general comments relating to their submission. Themes mentioned by two or more respondents are given below with the number of respondents in brackets after the theme and an illustrative comment below.

Theme: Certain data excluded for a variety of reasons (7)

“Data re workforce & activity for Breast Unit & bone densitometry not included, activity for Nuc med not included”

Theme: Recruitment difficulties (4)

“Finding experienced staff is extremely difficult in all modalities”

Theme: Mammography activity not captured in Q10 (4)

“Note on Q 10: no field for mammography activity”

Theme: Difficult to separate interventional activity figures into vascular and non-vascular (3)

“It was very difficult to identify vascular and non- vascular IR”

Theme: DXA activity not captured in Q10 (2)

“No box to indicate the number of DXA scans in the time period specified”

Theme: Q10 Activity count question unclear (2)

“Question 10.Wasn't specific as to no. of patients or no. of individual x-rays, I answered no. of patients, ?? Most patients have 7/8 x-rays”

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