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2. Methodology

The 2014 workforce census captures data about the diagnostic radiography workforce in the UK at a census date of 1 September 2014. Radiology services managers (or equivalents) were asked to answer the census on behalf of all diagnostic radiography services in their hospital/workplace. They were asked to include all diagnostic radiographers, sonographers, nuclear medicine technologists, assistant practitioners and trainee assistant practitioners, but not to include radiographic assistants (helpers / healthcare support workers), clerical workers, clinical scientists, radiotherapy staff or third party managed services where the staff are employed by the third party. 

Respondents were asked:

  • Their contact details and details of the workplaces on behalf of which they were responding
  • The areas/modalities in which they provide radiography services
  • Workload
  • Establishment figures by AfC band - whole time equivalent (WTE) and headcount
  • Vacancy figures by AfC band - current and 3 month
  • Long term absence figures by AfC band - career break, long term sickness and maternity leave
  • Numbers in training
  • Numbers in advanced and consultant practice

The full set of questions for the 2014 census is provided in Appendix I.

The census was publicised in a number of ways:

  • The Royal College of Radiologists emailed contacts at NHS radiology departments on behalf of the CoR.
  • Around 1,000 radiographer workplaces were identified from the Society of Radiographers’ membership database. The CoR emailed contacts at 569 of these workplaces directly.
  • Articles were published on, through email magazines, on a radiography managers forum and via social media.

The census was answered by 98 employers covering 209 workplaces delivering radiography services. The respondents employ 6,163 diagnostic radiographers (band 5 and above). We estimate that there are 26,000 diagnostic radiographers registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as of 2 September 2014*. The 6,163 diagnostic radiographers (band 5 and above) captured by this census therefore represents approximately 25% of the UK diagnostic radiography workforce. (This is a rough comparison as not all the band 5 and above health professionals captured by this census will be registered as radiographers with the HCPC.)

*There were 29,232 radiographers registered with the HCPC as of 2 September 2014. We estimate that around 3,100 of these are therapeutic radiographers, with the remainder (roughly 26,000) being diagnostic radiographers.

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