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10. Agency staff

Of the 67 respondents, 46 (69%) use either diagnostic radiography or sonography agency staff (or both). 34 of the 67 respondents (51%) use diagnostic radiography agency staff and 37 (55%) use sonography agency staff.

None of the eight non-NHS providers responding to this question use agency staff. Although, one non-NHS provider employs six sonography locum staff directly (not through an agency).

Figure 15 illustrates that the main reason for using agency staff is existing vacancies.

Figure 15. Reasons for using agency staff (n=67)

Figure 16 shows that there are nearly the same number of agency staff at band 5 trained in the UK as outside the UK. For band 6 and above, there are around twice as many trained in the UK as overseas.

Figure 16. Training location of agency staff (n=41)

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