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14. Reasons for leaving

The main reasons respondents gave for radiographers leaving their posts are promotion in other centre, retirement and personal reasons.

Figure 19. Reasons for radiographers leaving their posts (n=65)

Other reasons for leaving given in the free-text include:

·      Due to cost of living in London (1 respondent)

·      Emigration (1 respondent)

·      Extended working hours without penalty rates (1 respondent)

·      Implementation of shift system and reduction in potential earnings (1 respondent)

·      Internal promotion (2 respondents)

·      Left due to bullying & harassment in the workplace by the previous manager (1 respondent)

·      Left due to higher commitment of on call duty turns (1 respondent)

·      Left to work for veterinary centre (1 respondent)

·      Stress due to staffing levels and on-call pressures (1 respondent)

·      To follow other opportunities not provided in this department (1 respondent)

·      To work for private companies (4 respondents)

·      Went to another department (1 respondent)

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