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2. Methodology

The 2016 workforce census captures data about the diagnostic radiography workforce in the UK at a census date of 1 May 2016. Radiology services managers (or equivalents) were asked to answer the census on behalf of all diagnostic radiography services in their hospital/workplace. They were asked to include all diagnostic radiographers, sonographers, nuclear medicine technologists, PET-CT technologists, assistant practitioners and trainee assistant practitioners, but not to include radiographic assistants (helpers / healthcare support workers), clerical workers, clinical scientists, radiotherapy staff or third party managed services where the staff are employed by the third party.

Respondents were asked:

  • Their contact details and details of the workplaces on behalf of which they were responding
  • The areas/modalities in which they provide radiography services
  • Establishment figures by AfC band - whole time equivalent (WTE) and headcount
  • Vacancy figures by AfC band - current and three-month
  • Long term absence figures by AfC band - career break, long term sickness and maternity leave
  • Numbers expected to retire in the coming year and in the subsequent year
  • Time spent on non-clinical duties
  • Numbers in training
  • Use of agency staff
  • Numbers of staff not registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Geographical origin of radiographic workforce (UK, EU or non-EU)
  • Numbers in advanced and consultant practice
  • Reasons for radiographers leaving their posts

Both NHS and non-NHS providers were asked to provide their workforce data by AfC band. To assist non-NHS providers, who may not use the AfC system, the questions included the salary range for each AfC band. Therefore, all data could be collected and analysed by AfC band.

The full set of questions for the 2016 census is provided in Appendix I.

The census was answered by 86 respondents. The number of respondents to each question varies and is represented by the ‘n’ figure given for each question in the analysis below.

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