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3. Profile of respondents

3.1 Size distribution

The majority of respondents have a radiography workforce of less than 100 WTE. Just over a half of the respondents employing less than 20 are independent/private hospitals.

Figure 1. Distribution of respondent size (n=86)

3.2 Responses by geographical area

Employers from all the UK countries responded. Within England, responses were received from all 13 Local Education and Training Bodies (LETBs – Health Education England local boards).

Figure 2. Number of responses by geographical area (n=86)

Figure 3. Number of responses by LETB / Health Education England local board – England only (n=76)

3.3 Responses by type of employer

The majority of responses were received from NHS healthcare providers. 

Figure 4. Number of responses by type of employer (n=86)

3.4 Types of radiography services

Respondents were asked in which areas/modalities their workplace/hospital provided radiography services. Figure 5 illustrates the wide range of radiography services provided.

Figure 5. Areas/modalities in which radiography services are provided (n=86)

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