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8. Non-clinical duties

Respondents were asked to estimate the percentage of time radiographic staff of AfC band 7 (or equivalent) and above spend on non-clinical duties, and give the nature of these duties. Overall, radiographic staff of band 7 (or equivalent) and above spend an average of 50% of their time on non-clinical duties.

Figure 12. Estimated percentage of time spent on non-clinical duties (n=63)

Figure 13. Nature of non-clinical duties carried out by band 7 and above radiographic staff (n=66)

Other types of non-clinical duties given by respondents in free-text include:

·      Audits (1 respondent)

·      Clinical governance (1 respondent)

·      Data mining from RIS (1 respondent)

·      Diagnostic lead (1 respondent)

·      E-rostering (1 respondent)

·      Meetings (1 respondent)

·      Quality system (1 respondent)

·      Radiation protection (2 respondents)

·      Reporting (1 respondent)

·      Service provision and delivery (1 respondent)

Other comments include:

·      Some band 6 staff participate in ISAS activities, approx 10 hpw; also we allow the Radiation Protection Supervisors (B6) a session a fortnight, about 2-3 hpw. The Clinical Lecturer B6 is employed 15hpw by University

·      Those with bigger areas take longer to do management duties at 8a. Some solely non-clinical e.g. PACs and DM. Individual numbers differ enormously.

·      Difficult to answer this question as different senior roles will spend different amount of time on non-clinical duties - for example - a Band 7 Sonographer will spend a very different amount of time on non-clinical duties compared to a Band 7 Service Lead

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