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9. Postgraduate training

Respondents were asked the number of staff (WTE) currently in postgraduate training in MRI, CT, ultrasound, breast or reporting. On average each respondent has 4.2 members of staff in postgraduate training in these modalities.

Figure 14. Average number of staff (WTE) in postgraduate training per respondent (n=67)

Other types of postgraduate training given by respondents in free-text include:

·      Assistant practitioners (1 respondent)

·      Clinical examination of the breast (1 respondent)

·      Education & practice (1 respondent)

·      Fluoroscopy (2 respondents)

·      Forensics (2 respondents)

·      Healthcare management (1 respondent)

·      ILM course (1 respondent)

·      Nuclear medicine (7 respondents)

·      PET-CT (1 respondent)

·      Proctogram reporting (1 respondent)

·      RNI (1 respondent)

·      Upper GI (1 respondent)

One respondent commented, “Other courses cannot be afforded due to limited funding and using endowments. High costs for some e.g. US are limiting. Needs basis used, but remains too little for this type of expected level of progression to be supported by academic qualification.”

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