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10.6 Advanced Practitioner Case Study 4

This case study illustrates how diverse the scope of the profession is and how radiographers can  end up with some very interesting and unusual career pathways....... 

Ian Arrowsmith,

Chief Terminologist, Health and Social Care Information Centre

After studying for the Diploma of the College of Radiographers from Coventry School of Radiography (completed in 1988), following a short 6 month stint as a radiographer in Holland, I worked as a radiographer at Warwick Hospital and other imaging departments in the Midlands for over 10 years.

In 1993 I completed a Degree in Applied radiography at Southbank University and in 2001 was awarded an MSc in Health Information Management from the University of Warwick which gave me the opportunity to move into the field of Health Informatics as a terminologist. 

I have been involved in the use of clinical terminologies in electronic health records for over 13 years following an earlier career as a radiographer in the UK National Health Service. I was originally taken on as a terminologist in the project to create SNOMED Clinical Terms in 1999 and have worked in or around this field since that time.

This period included several years as a Clinical Design Consultant in the Design Authority for the National programme for IT in the NHS – advising NHS colleagues, regulatory bodies and system suppliers in the delivery of what was the largest public sector procurement in the World. In this role I had responsibility for capture of health information requirements, specification, and high-level healthcare design to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patient groups. This included elaboration and re-scoping of requirements and collaboration with regional teams and suppliers in system design. I was  the lead officer for ensuring terminology components of electronic applications were consistent and made the best use of available standards.

Since 2007, as Chief Terminologist in the NHS, I have managed a team of clinical terminologists in the maintenance and delivery and implementation of several terminologies including the Read codes, Diagnostic Imaging codes and SNOMED CT.

I also played a part in the establishment and ongoing governance of the International Healthcare Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO) having been an active member of the Content Committee for 5 years, the Member Forum for 6 years and currently as a non-executive director of the Management Board – the organisation now has 25 Member countries. 

During recent years I have delivered educational sessions and workshops to colleagues in many countries including Canada, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Norway and Singapore.

Ian Arrowsmith, 

Chief Terminologist at Health and Social Care Information Centre 

For more information see full interview here

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