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12. Educators

12.1. Outcomes for Educator

The following statements identify the outcomes to be demonstrated by an educator in their sphere of practice, where applicable.

  1. Develop understanding, knowledge and skills in education theory and practice.
  2. Apply learning theories that are appropriate for adult professional learners.
  3. Prepare and deliver relevant, current, evidence-based teaching.
  4. Work collaboratively with colleagues to deliver interprofessional learning.
  5. Apply sound principles and judgements in providing robust and fair, assessment processes for learners.
  6. Promote and contribute to the education and training of academic and clinical staff, students and  other  groups.
  7. Use and give professional supervision.
  8. Evaluate the learning experience, responding and adapting as necessary.
  9. Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and inspirational personal characteristics.
  10. Act as a role model, enthusing and inspiring others to engage with learning.
  11. Provide appropriate support mechanisms for learners.
  12. Monitor learners’ progress, maintaining records as appropriate.
  13. Participate in curriculum development, reviewing and revising modes of study and devising or contributing to new modes.
  14. Actively engage in audit and research.
  15. Maintain and enhance professional credibility and expertise through engagement with continuing professional development.

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