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14. Researchers

14.1. Outcomes for Researcher

The following statements identify the outcomes to be demonstrated by a researcher in their sphere of practice, where applicable.

  1. Develop understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to audit and research.
  2. Contribute to a research environment that supports and encourages local, national and international class research.
  3. Work towards expanding the body of knowledge for the profession.
  4. Promote collaboration between clinical departments, education providers and other stakeholders to afford greater access to information resources.
  5. Participate in a mentoring scheme which nurtures and supports those new to research.
  6. Initiate and lead audit and research that is ethically sound.
  7. Disseminate research outcomes through presentation, publication and the establishment of web- based resources and/or forums.
  8. Collaborate with others to encourage interdisciplinary research.
  9. Raise research awareness and promote a culture of creativity, enquiry and critical thinking.
  10. Establish clear and defined research priorities involving public and patients appropriately.
  11. Seek external funding for research.
  12. Organise research events to showcase research being undertaken.
  13. Maintain and enhance expertise through engagement with continuing professional development.
  14. Use and give professional supervision.
  15. Implement research outcomes appropriately.

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